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10 07 2016

South County

Here we go again.


Facebook banter, black lives matter.

And also, Affton and Lakeshire, which are close enough essentially to be one and the same.  South County is directly in the Eye of the AFFH Sauron.  This is just a prelude.




4 responses

11 07 2016
Hard Right

Man drives through “Black Lives Matter” protesters blocking traffic in Carbondale

11 07 2016

In the hopper, though I doubt I’ll make a big deal of it during the week.

11 07 2016

James Fulford asks:

I respond:

If you met the man they hired as their new political and editorial doyen, then this wouldn’t surprise you.

12 07 2016
Chilled Out | Countenance Blog

[…] what remains of the city’s dindus on the county using the MissingLink extensions and AFFH.  And as we saw a few days ago, South County is directly in the line of fire.  That being Steve Stenger’s South County, the […]

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