First Good News I’ve Had For Days

10 07 2016

Janesville, Wisconsin

The sitting Speaker of the House is polling under 50% in his own party’s primary in his own House district, a district he has held since 1998.

The only hitch is that his main opponent is only at 32%, whilst Ryan is at 43%.

Still, this ought not be the case considering Ryan’s position, his tenure, and his safe district.  This just doesn’t happen to House Speakers.

Then again, it just doesn’t happen to House Majority Leaders, either.





4 responses

10 07 2016
Hard Right

This just doesn’t happen to House Speakers.

Tom Foley?

10 07 2016

Defeated in a general election, not his party’s primary.

10 07 2016
Alex the Goon

“just doesn’t” = “rarely”
“never” = “never”

10 07 2016

Ryan is out and out refusing to represent the interests of whites. Who are his voters??

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