His Guy Flynn

10 07 2016


Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

If Trump does this, then it’s typical Trump, elevating what he thinks is underappreciated talent to high levels.  It’s been one of his things even going back to the 1980s, he did it on The Apprentice, (in fact, that’s one of the reasons why he did that show, to find diamonds in the rough in and for the business world), it’s why he plonked Corey out of obscurity and into Trump Tower.

I also think it will be a net positive for him.  Running mates usually don’t make much of a difference either way, and Flynn wouldn’t, either.  However, what it will show is that Trump is taking the matter seriously.  The last former military generals that became Presidential candidate running mates were Curtis LeMay (George Wallace, 1968) and James Stockdale (Ross Perot, 1992).  You’ll notice that in both times, they were on non-R/D tickets, and both times, the move was panned.  And in the case of the former, LeMay’s big reckless mouth may have cost Wallace enough votes in enough states to prevent Wallace from getting enough EC votes to keep Nixon and Humphrey under 270 and throw the election to the House, which was Wallace’s goal in ’68.  Stockdale made people wonder if Perot was (to use the modern parlance) doing a massive almost year long troll job on the country.  When I first heard that Trump is thinking general (or light), I remembered Stockdale and LeMay, and then I worried that the message Trump was sending is that he’s not taking this seriously.  Flynn, though, is neither one of these two characters.  Unlike Stockdale, he seems to know what he’s talking about, and unlike LeMay, he seems to keep a level head about things.

I’ll put it to you this way:  After Newt Gingrich’s brain fart of a few days ago, I’d pick Flynn over Newt eight days out of seven every week.




8 responses

10 07 2016
10 07 2016
Hard Right

“If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting.”

Gen. Curtis E. LeMay

11 07 2016
Area Man

He is not Chris Kristie Cream so I like him.

11 07 2016
Hard Right

I actually think he’s the best choice so far.

11 07 2016

He’d have to work on his public charisma, but it’s not uber-important. After all, charisma is at the top of the ticket.

11 07 2016
Hard Right


Mike Pence has ‘95 percent’ chance of being Donald Trump’s VP pick

11 07 2016

And I’m blowing that off as idle gossip.

12 07 2016
Hard Right

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