All Silent on the World War T Front

12 07 2016

Evansville, Indiana

It starts out this way:

A transgender Evansville woman shot in the face Sunday told police that her alleged attacker, who identifies with a black separatist group, shouted a homophobic slur during the assault.

Gerald Duane Lewis, 26, is accused of shooting 55-year-old Crystal Raquel Cash at 715 N. First Ave. On his Facebook page, Lewis claims membership in Israel United in Christ, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group.

Except LGBTQetc probably won’t make a BFD about this, unless they can massage the story to keep us from thinking about the actual suspect, and instead try to make it out to be Pat Robertson’s fault.

Why not?

Click the link and find out!

Now that you have found out, while I know how low a bar the SPLC has to define hate, I also know that they have a high bar for black groups.  So if the SPLC has any black groups on its Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Everything Must Go List of Extremisthategroups, then they’re really something to worry about.




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12 07 2016

Okay, it probably went like this:

He ordered a ho off of backpage, and picked one that was relatively young and a woman. When “she” got there and he found out the ho he ordered is 55 and pretending to be a woman but is really a man, he got so pissed off that he shot “her.” If that’s what it was, then this thing about Israel Temple and the SPLC’s dislike of it is all irrelevant and not germane.

12 07 2016
Hard Right

Bellcurvius tries to buy “her” services, finds out she is a he, and shoots him.

12 07 2016
14 07 2016
14 07 2016

Hmm, Target.

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