And The Shits Just Keep On Coming

12 07 2016



“You all have been killing too many of us.”

That was the effect of his statement.  What he really said, probably involved a few cuss words, a few anti-white racial pejoratives, a few slang words about cops, and a whole lot of Ebonics.

Tragic, too, because he was just starting to turn his life around.





3 responses

13 07 2016

obviously helots aren’t allowed to kill a single one of their tormentors under any circumstance.

13 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Does Blech Live Matter to youse? They don’t matter to me. They don’t really matter to anyone, really. One old hag on election day will care, from the time the polls open til the time they close. After that no one will care anymore.
If a dindu bitches about White Supremacy, or flaps his ubangi lips about White Privilege, tell him THIS IS SPARTA, we don’t diverse here.

13 07 2016

he was a real, mighty Fine Keeeeed & wudda been saving many lives as a famous ‘n distinguished NeuroSurgeon in just another cupla years. A true role model for his species, the sub-saharan primate that is almost but not quite Human

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