Chilled Out

12 07 2016

Clayton; City Hall

Explaining the cold Slay-Stenger relationship in contrast to the warm Slay-Dooley relationship is very easy.

Steve Stenger knows that Slay wants to unload what remains of the city’s dindus on the county using the MissingLink extensions and AFFH.  And as we saw a few days ago, South County is directly in the line of fire.  That being Steve Stenger’s South County, the county council district he held before becoming county executive.

As long as Charlie Dooley was county executive, shoveling dindus across the city limits was cool with both of them because it politically benefited both of them.  More blacks in the county ensured Dooley continuing to win elections, and fewer blacks in the city meant that the only credible threat of Slay not winning was removed.

But you know how it goes, shit happens sometimes.




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