12 07 2016

Washington, D.C.

Some of the same people who are telling us that it would cost too much to deport every illegal alien out of the country are demanding and ordaining that the Federal government spare no expense to deport NAMs, especially blacks, out of inner cities.

You don’t think AFFH vouchers grow on trees, do you?




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13 07 2016
Gov't. Employee

Expenses are onerous when so decided.

13 07 2016

Follow the money. Who are the developers rubbing their hands together over AFFH, anticipating bling?

(We’ve seen this already in the EU. “Britain will need produced for sale x hundred thousands more houses, microwaves, sofas, cribs, televisions, refrigerators….”)

15 07 2016
Area Man

I still wonder if we couldn’t get the UN to declare our dindus war refuges and take them all. It would serve us right, and then they could show us how it is done.

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