Reminding You

12 07 2016


The news today gives me the opportunity to remind you of what I wrote in this space back in November, which of course has been one of my running themes.




6 responses

12 07 2016

Tell me how this gang-banger can afford Rosenbloom, unless this is pro bono?

12 07 2016
john jones

Good question

12 07 2016

You know it’s pro bono so that he can virtue signal and get the free advertising. As good as a lawyer as he is, R knew that there’s no way of beating this rap. But that wasn’t the point: It was keeping his name out there for future big money clients.

12 07 2016
15 07 2016
Area Man

Will he do even half of that time? In Chiraq they have guys who have been convicted 3 times for murder on the streets and still killing. A murder conviction equals about 10 years behind bars in Chiraq.

15 07 2016

Federal system, he’ll have to do most of it.

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