Three Bads

12 07 2016


President Obama:  “Bad white people!  Bad cops!  Bad guns!”

Of course, because he can’t allow us to think about the perpetrator and his motives, because if we start doing that, we’ll start pointing fingers Mr. Obama’s way.  That’s why he’s not going to “cease talking about gun control,” because it’s a nice convenient diversion.

We know his rhetoric about cops is hot air, because we know he personally likes them.  And how do we know that?  Because he chose his Hyde Park Chicago residence way back when precisely because it had two layers of police protection:  Chicago Police Department and University of Chicago Police Department.  And since he has been a serious Presidential candidate and then actually the President, throw in the Secret Service, and I’m sure the Illinois State Police will keep an eye if they’re in the neighborhood.  If Philandro Castile or Alton Sterling would have done the same things and behaved the same way in front of the White House gates at a time that Mr. Obama himself was in the White House, the Secret Service would have mowed ’em both down just like the municipal cops actually did.  The difference is that the media would have covered it up, and hardly anyone would have ever been familiar with those two names.  That’s because important people deserve police protection; as for everyone else, fuck you, because black lives matter.

Think I’m kidding?  Look up the name Miriam Carey.


My point exactly.




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12 07 2016
13 07 2016
Exiled from Detroit, Michigan, USA

You never see ISP in Hyde Park, or east of I-90/94 for that matter. Granted, my touring those parts of town have been curtailed since the youngest graduated from a great CPS HS east of I-90/94 and had a lot of sporting activities east of I-90/94. You see the ISP on the NW side. But let me check into it.

13 07 2016
Exiled from Detroit, Michigan, USA

BTW, was in STL a couple of weeks ago, took the tour bus, drove around, took the city bus to CardinalNationville or whatever they call it. Strode through the ghetto a little, north side along Broadway until the bus came. Met up with a cousin at Pappy’s then went for ice cream neat St. Louis U. St Louis beats Detroit by a country mile. But America is still screwed.

13 07 2016

Obama: “Wah wah wah pout pout pout, white people talking about political correctness or reverse racism hurts, wah wah wah”

You know what else hurts? Getting murdered. He might recall that five assassinations and more attempted are why he’s in Dallas.

Though I do agree for different reasons that “reverse racism” is a stupid term.

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