What Else Is New?

12 07 2016

Tel Aviv

Obama directly interfered in the most recent Israel elections.  That’s the big shocking news of the day.

Why are you looking at me expecting me to be outraged?  To me, this is as unsurprising as a dyed in the wool liberal Supreme Court justice who was appointed to the Court by the husband of the current Democrat Party nominee for President saying something less than positive about the current Republican Party nominee for President.  We all know that the United States and Israel are so tight that only an ocean, a continent and a major sea are the only reason why anyone knows they’re separate entities; otherwise, it would be impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.  We don’t joke about “fifty-first state” for nothing.  We’re supposed to be mad that Obama tried to oust the Israeli PM with three American sheepskins (Cheltenham HS, Philadelphia, Penn., and two from MIT) whose business career started in Boston and happened at such a time when he became closely familiar with another eventual Republican Party Presidential nominee.  Mind you, this is the same Baraq Obama who plonked Stanley Fischer straight out of Israel’s central bank to be the vice-chairman of “ours.”




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13 07 2016
In Search of Anti-Semitism

You mean Israel isn’t tight with UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Antarctica, China, India, Vietnam, the Silk Route, Switzerland, Turkey on Thanksgiving, South Africa, Scandinavia, Russia, Bohemia, etc., etc., etc.?

13 07 2016

Israel is pretty tight with the UK, you’re right.

Let me put it to you this way: If I’m to be outraged about Obama trying to throw weight around to oust Netanyahu in their most recent elections, then I’ll have to be outraged 24/7.

13 07 2016
Hard Right

13 07 2016

It’s why I’m glad the Republican platform is a meaningless piece of paper.

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