Foible Master Theater (Want of a Nail)

13 07 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho


Update on the case of refugee yoots quasi-raping a five year old girl.

I feel these parents’ pain, most of all their sense that they think they’re totally out of options.  They just don’t know what to do, and on top of that, I’m sure the authorities in that county are going to treat the Syrian yoots with kid gloves, and they’re probably also exerting sub rosa pressure on the parents of the victim to zip it.  We already know that the U.S. Attorney for that area has already rattled her sabres.  At the very least, we know they don’t want us thinking about the case much, because it might embolden our opposition to refugee resettlement.

A skill that I had to develop to be good at my current job is the ability to identify and exploit relatively unknown foibles and choke points in the way people interact with each other and also those of institutions.  That’s a skill I’ve brought back to my own alt-right politics and also my blogging hobby; as you are aware, I revised Stalin’s axiom for our times.  Because I never paid that off, what I mean by that is that one of the reasons why the intent of the voters and the actions of politicians wind up being two very different things in many cases is that the field of political analysis is a very underappreciated choke point between the two.  Our enemies have realized that, and have made sure that field is full of dishonest snake oil salesmen who will always make sure that the elected class gets the wrong messages from election results and voter mandates.  One small example of this is how Mitt Romney not winning was made out to be the doings of Hispanic voters exclusively, and therefore, the solution was the Gang Bangers of Eight bill.  Bill Buckley recognized another choke point of American political society back in the 1950s, and acted in earnest.

Let’s loop this back to Twin Falls.  Upon first glance, there’s nothing we can do about it.  We don’t have either the current strength or the stomach for “regime change,” to put it euphemistically.  The Federal government is too big and too abstract to take on; we couldn’t get enough public support for any illicit “regime change” activity; besides, the Federal government is where grandma gets her Social Security checks from.  Our brand of politics are a long time away from reaching critical mass.  My particular “fringe of the fringe” politics, neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment, are even farther in the future.  We vote, but like I wrote above, our intent and mandate gets lost in deceitful translation.   The only reason we have Trump, and “we” only have Trump in a tangential sense, is that we were lucky that one billionaire turned traitor to the rigid plutocratic greed-oriented class discipline.  Don’t even think about taking vengeance on refugees, because most people consider refugees to be sympathetic figures, and the media won’t bother to explain that most of them are really opportunistic grifters, and not really refugees.  That’s why they’re using the word “refugees.”

Plain words, anything off top we think we could do, turns out to be a non-starter.

But all is not as hopeless as it seems.  It comes back to the old axiom “for the want of a nail, a kingdom is lost.”

This is where my newly minted choke point identification skills come in.  Though I should say, the choke point I’m about to identify is one that someone else realized.  That credit goes to Jack Ryan of Occidental Dissent.  My contribution here is to explain that it is a choke point and why it’s an opportunity for us to put our hands around it to choke a bad system and some bad actions and actors to a point.

Turkey has been in the news in the last few days.  The second most powerful political force in Turkey is headed by a religious cult leader, Fethullah Gulen, who is currently in hiding in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.  Without delving into too Byzantine an explanation (pun intended), all you need to know that is relevant for the purposes of this missive is this:  The Gulen cult went from fringe to the second most powerful force in Turkey because Gulen identified a crucial choke point in Turkish sociopolitical affairs — The Turkish test preparation industry.  He infiltrated it, and took it over.  From there, he was able to leverage control of Turkish domestic law enforcement, and from there, he was able to get a significant minority of the Turkish military on his side.  What happened a few days ago, it looks like, is that supporters of Gulen’s main political nemesis, President Ergodan of Turkey, staged something of a Reichstag Fire, so that Ergodan could use that as an excuse to start slaughtering Gulenists.  Anyway, my point is that the non-lamestream American right is bad at either being too hot or too cold in our strategic and tactical thinking.  We are either too genteel or too outrageous.  We either think that our arguments need to be devoid of hostile tone and logical errors, or we engage in revolutionary millenarian fantasies.  It’s not just the American right; Occidental Europeans have only two modes of political engagement:  Debating society, or all-out warfare.  We don’t have any capability to ponder the middle ground, we don’t historically function well in the schemey-scammy gray area between debating society and all-out warfare.  It is said that while Americans are told not to believe in conspiracy theories, Turks universally believe in them, because everyone in Turkey is either conspiring against someone else, being conspired against, or both.  Gulen exploited a middle ground and wormed his way to power.

What is the analogue of the Turkish test prep industry in relation to the Twin Falls horror?

Realize this:  Where there are bad actions, there are a handful of people who think that the bad actions are a feature, not a bug, because they personally benefit from what we think are the bad actions.  And where there are these identifiable people, there is the opportunity to turn them into social pariahs.

In the case of refugee resettlement, it is a two way street.  The almighty power of the Federal government is used for the physical translation of the refugees from their native countries to the United States.  However, the decision on precisely where in the country to resettle them depends on a partner.  Almost always, this partner is a big business or not so big business that wants cheap docile foreign labor.  And where there is a business, there are people that have executive authority over it, an owner, or a CEO, or the board of directors.

There’s your choke point, your Turkish test prep industry, in the refugee resettlement racket — The CEOs of firms that are covetous of and directly benefit from all the new cheap labor.  We can’t do anything about the Feds, and we can’t do anything about the refugees, but we can do something to public figure individuals in the business world.  Corporate CEOs aren’t exactly popular sympathetic figures.

Who is the guilty party in Twin Falls, Idaho?  His name is Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurdish ethnic and Turkish national (ironically enough) who lives and works in the United States.  He is the CEO of Chobani, the yogurt maker.  Just a few short years ago, they opened a new plant in Twin Falls.  And just in case you think I’m drawing conclusions purely from unrelated circumstantial evidence, here’s the smoking gun.

The parents of the victim and anyone who cares about her and them actually do have recourse, and they should do it as soon as possible — They should make Hamdi Ulukaya’s personal life a living hell, turn him into a social pariah.  Dox the bastard, personally link him to the quasi-rape of this girl.  Pressure the private clubs he belongs to to revoke his membership, if he has kids in private school, pressure them to revoke their enrollment.  Pressure retailers into taking Chobani off the shelves and canceling their distribution contracts.  (But do that in a way that’s square with their current contracts, so you can’t be sued for tortious interference.)  There are probably many ways, many perfectly legal ways, to inconvenience him.  Plain words, make him and his company personally suffer.

Once the individual beneficiaries of refugee resettlement realize that the personal cost of doing so is higher than the labor cost savings, they’ll quit partnering with the Feds, and once that happens, the Feds won’t have anywhere to place the refugees.  In other words, the choke point.  We’ll bring down a kingdom by denying them a nail.

I have started a new tag, Chobani, where I will categorize my future posts about this matter.




11 responses

13 07 2016

I should add this: I’m ordinarily not a fan of doxxing, but the difference is that Yabba Dabba Doo isn’t some private person and some anonymous figure with no real power. He’s a public figure and a corporate CEO.

13 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I obviously don’t share your pessimism. This system is falling down. No joke. Full broke and crippled. That nigger in the White House is visibly rattled. Even with no opposition in Congress, there are so many Whites gunned up and ready to go, they got the choke chain on his piehole.
These rapefugees aren’t gonna party hardy here. If some kebab yogurt goat fucker is involved he’s gonna find out why people all over the World call us trigger happy cowboys.

13 07 2016
Paladin Justice

I’m going to reblog this post later tonight. It fits with the “sabotage” theme at my site. However, I have to warn everyone that blog was suspended and threatened with removal by WordPress when I published the home address of a TV reporter. That home address is of course a matter of public record via the county tax assessor, but that makes no difference to WP. The reinstated my site after a week, but they’ve permanently removed others. Be sure to periodically save your wordpress files. I intend to start doing so if I can keep it in mind.

13 07 2016
Paladin Justice

Reblogged this on saboteur365.

13 07 2016
Alex the Goon

if he has kids in private school, pressure them to revoke their enrollment
I’m not sure the Northwest Madrassa will take me seriously, but I’ve got some unused minutes this month, so I’ll go ahead and call anyway.
The real recourse should not be mentioned on the internet, and definitely should not be done by the little girl’s parents, who have probably been under 24-hour surveillance since the crime happened to them.

16 07 2016
Area Man

Why do I have a feeling if the little girl’s dad were to pay a visit to the rapefuge next door the cops would show up in well under 2 hours?

16 07 2016

Considering what has been done, it would be well under 2 seconds. Which goes back to my point: The refugees are too sympathetic and the Federal government is too big and abstract. But people hate corporate CEOs. If dad “paid a visit” to Yabba Dabba Doo and Chobani HQ, the cops would show up in well under 2 days.

16 07 2016
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