The Pokemon Go of Bell Curve City

13 07 2016

Norfolk, Virginia

…Is Facebook Live.

There have already been two murders off of FL.


The one in Norfolk:

The two other recent FL murders:





4 responses

13 07 2016

Its about status, not lives, which is why cops killing them is worse to them than when they kill each other. but if they want self determination, they have to deal with the consequences of it and not flee it.

13 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I suppose they were all turning their lives around. They’re always going nowhere but turning around is apparently something they do often, unless they get shot.
All this BLM is , is basically a campaign donation to Hillary by Nation-Wrecker Soros. These niggers don’t really care about slabery or discrimination. Its a tribal thing. They see other dark skins as their tribe because they weren’t born into one like their ape cousins ruining Africa. It doesn’t matter about how you feel about these subhuman monsters or what your ancestors did, its cause you’re not black like them. But blacks cannot be racist, cause they’re too dumb and stupid to understand that, or anything else not from The Stone Age.

16 07 2016
Area Man

I don’t care about Pokemon but when it comes to dindus and the police the same motto applies:

Gotta catch ’em all!

16 07 2016

Light bulbs are going off in my head.

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