Whole Life

14 07 2016



Pence definitely doesn’t do much for me, and he won’t move the needle either way for Trump.

One thing that Pence definitely will not provide for Trump:  Life insurance.  It’s the thing I’ve been worried about for almost a year.  Let me put it to you this way — #NeverTrump would much rather have Mike Pence be President of the United States than Donald Trump.  Remember my HRC and 20th Amendment theory?  Now it looks like that shoe could be fitted for the other party’s feet.  After December 19, #NeverTrump has all the reason and incentive in the world to pump Trump’s skull full of hot lead.  And by “pump Trump’s skull full of hot lead,” I mean it in the indirect eliminationist sense, not in the sense that Bill Kristol will pull the trigger personally.

Trump should have picked someone that the party establishment and the greater national establishment would have no more wanted to see as President than himself.




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14 07 2016
David In TN

Which is why Nixon wouldn’t have been gone after by the Democratic congress, establishment, etc the way he was if Spiro Agnew had still been Vice President.

14 07 2016
David In TN

There’s really no Republican politician, with the exception of Jeff Sessions, who would be life insurance. Trump might want Sessions as Attorney General.

At least Trump and his people had the sense not to go for a nonwhite.

14 07 2016
14 07 2016
14 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Play Trump up all you want, but the fix is in. The Dead Elephant Society is already marching to the graveyard, as they do the deed to kill themselves. That circlejerk circular firing squad had to turn into a suicide pact eventually and NEVERTRUMP is the Hill they die on.

15 07 2016
Area Man

Is this official?
If so now he has all the baggage form a religious freedom bill that was so watered down it did nothing but the homos will still claim it legalized gay bashing.

15 07 2016

It was so watered down that it left Indiana in a worse position than they were when they started.

15 07 2016
Lamplighter of California

With Trump’s selection of the open-borders Pence as his VP,the thrill I once had regarding the prospect of him winning in November has all but died,and the hope I once had for the future of us Whites in this country is almost gone,as well.

If anyone here can offer me any realistic hope for the future of the White race on this continent,I’d sure as hell would like to hear it.


15 07 2016

I woudn’t call Pence absolutely open borders, but I wouldn’t call him an immigration patriot either.

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