Here in the Real World

15 07 2016


Shamed Dogan is the only black Republican in the General Assembly.  His House district includes southern Ballwin, Ellisville, and parts of Fenton. And it does include the site of the Ballwin police shooting.  Every once in awhile, white suburban cuckservative voters will wind up letting a black win the Republican primary for some office.  Remember Sherman Parker?  Just a few weeks ago, I had a story here about one that was in the leadership of the St. Charles County Republican Committee.

Anyway, Dogan just had an interview and his people are peddling it far and wide wherein he states that it’s possible to be pro-black and pro-police at the same time.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you probably will soon.  I’m sure the cuckservative websites and blogs will eat it all up.

You know what?  Dogan happens to be right.  You know what else?  He’s right only in theory.  Here in the real world, official pro-blackdom, as evidenced by BLM, have sociopolitically established themselves as and at the polar opposite of law enforcement, such that they don’t want cops to be where they are and vice-versa.  Remember the Toronto gay parade?  You’ll notice that one of their demands is that the official Toronto Pride parade no longer have police floats.




One response

15 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

People have to just face the Truth. Its Time. Niggers are living fossils from the Stone Age. They have not advanced any farther than hunter-gatherer tribal societies. Even these gangs are just artificial tribes they have formed since they have no tribes here historically. The Crips, The Nation of (fake) Islam, The Black Panthers, black churches and even things like the black congressional caucus and NAACP are all just tribes of blacks.
They do not understand the concept of laws, they don’t respect boundaries, property is just something you take by force, and women are booty to be raped and used by the warriors. They cannot and will not be able to successfully follow Civilized ways and manners. Wild animals are easier to control and coexist with than these vastly inferior mentally defective ingrates. There really is NO GOOD REASON to allow them to be here at all. They make no real contributions to our society, and the crime, property damage and looting in and of itself would make any contribution not worth it even if they could somehow add something to our lives that were somewhat positive.
They must leave or be removed. If they have to be wiped out, it is still worth it. This sad situation and their constant threats for tribute and appeasement is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. BILLIONS FOR DEFENSE, NOT ONE RED PENNY FOR TRIBUTE!

It's your dime, spill it. And also...NO TROLLS ALLOWED~!

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