Under My Nose

18 07 2016


Nutroots 2016 was here, and a lot of open wounds on the left were on full display.

And not a peep of it in the local media.

I still think Philadelphia could be a lot of fun.




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19 07 2016

The coalition of the fringes is in even sadder shape than I thought. This caught my eye:

“Zephyr Teachout, a recently nominated Democratic candidate for New York’s 19th congressional district who is following the Sanders model of relying on small donations. ”

Middle name: Rain.

“Her parents raised her to be independent.”


No indication that at some point they whiteflighted to the groidless verdancy (which is to say leukocentrist) sector of Dutchess Co.

19 07 2016

She challenged Andrew Cuomo in NY-Gov-D in 2014. Did fairly well, considering.

19 07 2016

FYI, you’re e-mail: I won’t be getting to Philly, not for the DNC anyway. I tried for a long time to scam the bosses and find a pretext to get them to send me. I couldn’t, and as it is, I have crucial work that week around here anyway. So I guess I’ll have to watch what I hope is a lot of fun unfold on the one eyed cyclops.

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