Whole New Game

18 07 2016

Los Angeles

The Game went to L.A. to try to calm the gangs down. 

He got there, looked around, and asked himself:

“Where the fuck are all the niggas at that used to be here?”

A local official had to inform him:

“They’ve been AFFHed to the high desert, the Inland Empire, Vegas and Phoenix.”




4 responses

18 07 2016
David In TN

The Hollywood types think the black gangs still rule in Los Angeles.

19 07 2016
David In TN

And you might be able to convict an O.J. type today, assuming you didn’t have a Marcia Clark type as prosecutor.

19 07 2016

These niggers have been calling for a halt to the violence since the year one. I am sick of their bullshit.

19 07 2016

My favorite is when one of em calls for a truce for x number of days. If they had the power to make em stop being dinduy for x number of days, why not y number of days that’s larger? Why not infinity? In reality, nobody has that power; those who call for truces are only angling for some good PR.

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