Why Afghanistan Is Afghanistany

18 07 2016

Wurzburg, Germany

Because these are its 17-year olds.

Just don’t call him Trayvon.

Especially don’t question the wisdom of letting the Trayvons of Afghanistan flood into Germany claiming the refugee moral high ground.





4 responses

18 07 2016

Once upon a time I supported the northern alliance factions in Afghanistan against the Taliban, but history has repeated itself, and they’ve let their love of raping children cloud out any concern of “no one likes this and its why the Taliban won last time, we should not repeat this mistake”. Yet another reason why none of them have any business here.

18 07 2016

Lived there for 2 yrs. while in the military. I expected this at some point.

18 07 2016
Hard Right

19 07 2016

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