Inferring a Big Crybaby

19 07 2016


That little procedural hissy fit on the convention floor was the last stand of the #NeverTrump bunch.  We all know what they wanted to try to do:  They wanted to try to change the rules so that all delegates could vote their “conscience” on the first ballot, and this is of course predicated on the silly notion that none of the delegates, especially the ones assigned for Trump based on state primary and caucus results, are voting for Trump because of their conscience.  It must be because Trump is holding their elderly mothers hostage in the basement of Trump Tower.  Meanwhile, so goes the stupid conventional wisdom, everyone’s conscience is telling them to vote for one of the other contenders this year.

And that leads me to my point.

After this last stand, the North Dakota and Colorado delegations walked off the floor.

Remember, both those states were Ted Cruz states.

Which makes me think that Cruz himself was directing all of this from the background.  And why wouldn’t he?  This isn’t exactly atypical of him — He’s the one who tried to lawyer his way around and worm his way into the delegate selection and apportionment process in a number of states.  However, even if Cruz himself isn’t doing it, just the fact that his supporters are doing it on his behalf does not positively accrue in a PR sense to Cruz personally. People make assessments of politicians and candidates based on the behavior, sometimes the antics, of his or her supporters, even if the candidate is personally the antithesis of those actions. Archetype: Ron Paul.  It’s not as if Ted Cruz doesn’t already and personally have a reputation for being an ideological purist mashed up with a looksatme showboater, and that’s the way his supporters came off with their little stunt yesterday, and should they make good on their promise to walk off the floor en masse when the formal nomination roll call happens, that will be even more the case.

If Cruz really wants to have a national future, he should have told his people to knock it off, he should have ordered them not to try anything like this before the convention started.  That his people did and will probably continue to do these things, proves that he really learned much of anything from the spring, and also means he won’t have a national future.

Also, whether or not Cruz personally had anything to do with it, but just for the fact that his people did, reflecting badly on Cruz himself, if I was Trump or Manafort whispering in Trump’s ear, I’d pull Cruz off the speakers list.  Payback for the minor embarrassment and hissy fit.




3 responses

19 07 2016

Like I wrote here after Acela Tuesday when Trump threw the TKO, looking at the season in retrospect, it was clear then that it wasn’t going to happen for Cruz this year when he did badly on SEC Tuesday, and that his remainder in the race after then was only about him trying to gum up the works to keep Trump under a majority of delegates, unsuccessful as it turned out. Which means Cruz’s presence in the race after SEC Tuesday had a destructive rather than a constructive motive. So, this is another piece of evidence of Cruz’s mendacity, the sort he needs to get over if he really wants a national future. In contrast, Rand Paul, the son of someone who is world renowned for quixotic Presidential campaigns, did not inherit that propensity from his father; he got out of the race when it was perfectly apparent that he had no shot.

20 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Cruzer loser was who they wanted. Like Little Jebbie he was loser all the way. All those hookers and that dirty money from his wife’s firm Goldman-Sachs had him pegged. They would have torpedoed him quick in the runup with all those phone logs. His career is over. His Canadian citizenship should start coming up. His daddy’s conspiring with Cubans like Oswald has CIA all over it. Even a stench of Oswald in daddy Cruz’s past will tar and feather this Dodo bird but good.
The system wants Hillary. They maxed out the Race Card with Bombhatta, so they want the feminism cover they can get with that dried up cunt Granny Goodness. The Apocalyse Team is still trying for the New World Order even as it burns down. Hillary and her dried up twat is all they got left.

20 07 2016
Day Three Open Thread | Countenance Blog

[…] Like I said, Trump should take Cruz off the speakers’ list for his explicit or implicit stunt and his refusal to damp his ambitions.  Already, we’re starting to hear talk about Cruz 2020, and even if it’s not coming from Cruz’s camp, his refusal to dampen those flames that others have set means that he’s thinking it.  And if he’s thinking it, it means he’s either not confident that Trump will win this year, or he doesn’t want him to win.  Because, when your party’s convention is nominating someone for President who isn’t already President, you do not, for the sake of PR, talk about your party’s Presidential candidates four years from now, because you’re implicitly undermining your own nominee.  Because it is assumed that your own party’s nominee will win this year and seek re-election four years hence. […]

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