This Is My World. All of You Are Merely Taking Up Space and Consuming Resources In It.

19 07 2016

Did I say “my world?”  Sorry, I meant “my personal content generator.”

BLM accuses Pokemon Go of inherent racism.

Tony Messenger could not be reached for comment.  Otherwise, this story has all the hooks for just about every hobby horse I’ve ever ridden in this blog.




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19 07 2016
19 07 2016
20 07 2016
20 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The only thing these niggers don’t see as raciss, is their hatred for non-blacks and tribute. That’s all you need to know right there. This is the Going Out of Business Sale for this obsolete farm equipment. I expect BLM to blow up Hilldog’s coronation by getting in La Raza’s face. All of the professional protesters that were Berning for Marx should just add fuel to the fire. That place should blow up big. Philly is a tinderbox. All those niggers are just itching to riot and loot. A big blow-up at the DNC convention and you should see a show like the one that got Nixon elected in 1968.

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