Bell Curve City Today

20 07 2016

Around the Metro

Clearing out my hopper of local stories.

* She wanted to steal weave, and nothing was going to get in her way, especially not a couple of septugenarians.

Late update:  Drudge is now carrying this story.

* Because the “skills gap” is referenced here, although not with those exact words, my whitey sense starts tingling, and I presume the whole thing is a predication for begging for more or unlimited legal immigrant visas and the stapler provision.  See also.

* Yeah, I’ve seen this movie.  This is how it starts, the narrative hook involves affirmative action subprime mortgages, the ending is a crashed financial system and economy.  Roll credits.

* Firefighters in the middle of a firefight.

* Because the area is so diverse, much to the joy of the particular author of this article, and knowing the hysteriae this particular author likes to peddle, we know he would love to blame all these arsons on the Klan.  In reality, they are probably the result of vagrant drunks and dope addicts.

* We’re supposed to be all up in our feelings about over-inarceration and long prison sentences.  Yet, they’re sentencing him as if he stole government nuclear weapons secrets.  The Feds are so enthusiastic to deploy its power to protect those all important trade secrets of ballgames; hardly the most crucial or existential of issues.  Also realize that he’s going to prison, and Hillary Clinton may never.




3 responses

20 07 2016

The vics in the weave store thing are Korean.

20 07 2016
22 07 2016

You knew it was coming, about the first story.

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