How You Do PR

20 07 2016


Because I think it’s a nontroversy, I would have ignored the whole thing.

However, in the universe of options that all involved doing something, I think this is the best possible route.  Staging the speechwriter falling on her sword then Trump pulling the sword out from under her just in the Nick Stix of time.  And this yabba dabba about “oh Michelle Obama inspired Melania,” which just about everyone would admit is bullshit, but it’s probably slick enough rhetoric to grease the skids of this issue and push it into the land of oldnewsdom.  If there are any more hurt feelings, just give Barack, Michelle and the speechwriter who originally wrote that paragraph and his/her spouse a free weekend at Mar-a-Lago after Trump is inaugurated; he’d love it, because I’m sure Mar-a-Lago has a golf course.  What is also good about this strategy is that it wasn’t exactly done loudly or ostentatiously, thereby denying it attention and denying the fire any more fuel.




3 responses

20 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

All the dead dinosaurs of the dead air media were giddy as little girls from this story, and NOBODY FUCKING CARED. Did you ever listen to that tranny wookie give a speech about how her first proud American moment was when Bombhatta became POTUS? No? Neither did anyone else. Taking her material is like copying a page of the Podunk Register. Nobody cares. Even the niggas don’t actually give a flying fuck what Carrot Stick Fatty has to say. Her megaphone isn’t even plugged in.

20 07 2016

Michelle Obama was not proud of her country while Bill Clinton was President. I took that comment of hers as a back handed swipe against the Clintons, and remember at that time Hillary was still in the race versus her husband.

21 07 2016

there is some speculation that getting caught was part of the plan, and having all of these videos comparing Michelle to Melania was the end goal 4-D chess style. I think that isn’t the case, but that the anti-Trump forces simply have nothing to go with and are lunging for anything they can, then promptly making fools of themselves.

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