21 07 2016

Richmond, Virginia

I interpret Tim Kaine being on the running mate short list as something that has Terry McAuliffe’s fingerprints all over it.  Though the only reason he’s even Governor is that the Clintons threw their weight around, and probably behind a couple of intermediaries funded the “strong” Libertarian in the 2013 race for Governor, in order to put one of their consiglieres in as Virginia Governor, in order to help HRC win the state; the felon enfranchisement, as much as a flop as it turned out to be, is one example.

Though as far as that goes, as much as I liked Ken Cuccinelli up to that point, and felt bad for him because of all the political machinations he was a victim of that prevented him from becoming Governor, I’m really disappointed in him for sticking with the Ted Cruz suicide cult even as late as now; he was one of the big name individuals who was part of the Monday afternoon hissy fit, and walked out after it inevitably failed.  Or maybe, that was the reason he didn’t become Governor, maybe enough Virginia voters sensed something not quite right with him that only became apparent here in these late days.




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21 07 2016

Left is mad:

They evidently don’t realize who is doing the choosing. It’s like begging Tweedledee not to pick Tweedledum.

21 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Hillary is fucked. The blacks want a black, La Raza wants a Hispanic, the socialists and Marxists all want Bernie. Pick black and you lose La Raza, pick anyone not black and those niggas stay home. Bernie will nuke her. He’ll go whole hog new spending and raise taxes. That old fart hasn’t paid attention to anything since the 1960s.
She should pick fake Indian Warrencuntus, but having another Queen Bee is just too much for BenGay Barbie. That fake wigwam could please the Marxists and the feminists. Those niggers aren’t gonna be happy no matter what, and La Raza probably won’t even put half a million votes into her total anyway.
If she picks a White guy, its over. The whole fucking thing will collapse. That whole historical thing will dry up faster than Cruz’s wife when he brings Mr’ Softie home.

22 07 2016

And it is indeed him.

Kaine did undergrad at Mizzou.

23 07 2016

Speaking of T-Mac:

Though like I said, the felon voter drive in Virginia was a big flop. There were probably more people in VA that signed up to vote in that same time period just off of registration drives held along side of supermarket free sample giveaways.

23 07 2016

Yeah, so what? A bunch of SJW and SJW-ish groups approve highly of him? Wall Street wants us to know he’s a good SJW, and they’re gonna make damn sure we know it.

24 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Oh, they’re all sad in mudville cause it turned out to be a White guy. See, I told you Bengay Barbie wouldn’t pick Warren. Hilldog’s only qualification for this election is the dry hole between her legs. She’d never share the stage at her coronation with another womyn. They might throw her overboard and follow the other Queen Bee. She needed a boring White guy like Biden, and Wall Street must have sent this has been over. He was probably living in the lobby asking for handouts anyone.
Let’s all go to the lobby. Let’s all go to the lobby. Let’s all go to the lobby. And get a boring VP.

24 07 2016

If HRC wins and if she had her way, she would have no women in her cabinet.

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