The Process Should Be the Punishment

21 07 2016


North Carolina, the state where men use men’s privies, women use women’s, and the NBA is upset about that.

If they actually do that, if I was either the North Carolina Attorney General or the District Attorney for Mecklenburg County, I’d file felony extortion charges against Adam Silver.  Sure, they probably have no case, but no bother, the process will be the punishment.




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21 07 2016
Paladin Justice

New to Twitter myself, I found this post using my new Twitter to to your Twitter and then to here. I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively use Twitter to find valuable sites and blogs.

21 07 2016

You should configure your blog to auto-tweet all your blog posts.

21 07 2016

(Hoping Countenance doesn’t ban me for shameful link-whoring, but somehow we’re not on the blogroll :( )

21 07 2016

MPC is the kind of forum I’d do and run if I had the time to do so. You’re right, I need to do a formal link. I’ll get to that right now.

21 07 2016

mpc is great. their word filters have bled into my political conversations and slowly brought my friends into the light.


mpc whyte.

21 07 2016
Alex the Goon

Don’t get too used to twitster. Once they find out you’re a hater, they’ll ban you.

21 07 2016

Crickets from the libs who are always worried about corporations having too much influence over elections and politics. Of course they’d be silent, because it’s all about their SJW crapola, which, once again as this matter shows, is a front for increasing plutocratic and corporate power. All you have do to neutralize the left’s economic populism is to scream social justice.

Nike is throwing in with the NBA:

21 07 2016

Nike just kissed sales by me goodbye…

21 07 2016

the NC law is aimed squarely at people trying to take advantage of claiming to identify as women to harass women, it actually makes provisions for those that have gone through the effort to have their sex changed on their birth certificate for example.

This is just hatred of NC for being NC.

22 07 2016

Don’t look at me. I’m busy trying to invent a new protected and victimized gender that requires me to whizz and dump only through the hoops at NBA arenas or in Nike footwear.

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