21 07 2016

St. Louis City

Mary Pat Carl is St. Louis’s Rachel Dolezal?

In her most recent mailing, she’s trying to pass herself off as black, when she is definitely not.

I don’t know why she’s trying to pander to black voters, when in relative terms, they’re much less a factor in primaries than they are in general elections.

In the mailing, she lauds herself for winning murder convictions, showing pics of black woman victims and their surviving black relatives, all the while for some strange reason not showing pics of the convicts.  (Are we to suspect the Klan?)  However, she’s the chief ACA for homicide; therefore, every murder conviction and in fact every murder prosecution in St. Louis City has gone through her desk for as long as she’s been chief ACA for homicide.

Has Carl even attempted a capital case during her tenure?  I doubt it.




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