What the Left’s Jihad Against AirBnB Is Really All About

21 07 2016

San Francisco

The Dime Store Indian is piling on from the outside, and Eric Holder from the inside.

Al Kemmy, commenting at AR yesterday:

Off-topic, but related. Hispanic CC is cheap-labor-racketeering. Since illegal alien cheap labor has displaced many Americans out of hotel work, I now use Air BnB to rent travel rooms from OUR people, instead.

Let me explain.

A while back AMREN had an article about AirBnB and “anti-racism”. Let me write about AirBnB.

When I travel, I research AirBnB to avoid this phony, imposed, “diversity.”

I research AirBnB to select rooms carefully so that my dollars go to my people.

And I can freely associate with whom I choose.

No money to illegal alien Aztec housekeepers. No money to the likes of Marriott International, Inc. and their ilk that push open-borders. No money to the Patel Mob from India.

Because it allows me to direct my business to MY PEOPLE, I love AirBnB, at least how it is now. If they prevent my free-association with MY people when I spend travel dollars, we’ll need to start a competitor site to fill that market need . . .

Now I get it.  AirBnB is, probably accidentally, allowing people to circumvent the cheap labor lobby.  That’s the real rub, not all the SJW blabber about inclusiveness and discrimination.  Of course, SJW blabber about inclusiveness and discrimination is usually a front for plutocratic greed anyway, and if this is right, this matter is no exception.

After all this, I should start a prostitution service called WhoreBnB.





2 responses

21 07 2016
Alex the Goon

Do yourself a favor; call it AirTnA.

22 07 2016

Al at AR is exactly correct.

When whites freely associate it pulls the rug out from under the entire rigging.

This is all of a piece.

I’ve mentioned in the past in various places how in my last years in meeting and board rooms of “philanthropic” foundations I heard an overly stated agenda of ending, for once and for ever, everywhere, whites’ ability to associate freely with other whites. This inclination–rooted in genetics and 50,000 years or more of shared evolution–is as far from Rootless Cosmopolitanism For Profit as people can get. Thus it must be disrupted, polluted, ridiculed, and ended. BAMN.

Their attention is remarkably microscopic, to the point I heard things like that private cars should be outlawed because they allow “soccer moms” to drive their kids to games, avoiding the enrichments of public transportation.

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