Alternating Current

22 07 2016


KCK was the last incident, and that was black undertow/BLM.  So we knew that the Religion of Peace was up to bat.  Though we have no confirmation yet that this is RoP.




3 responses

22 07 2016

No real confirmation yet, except someone heard someone yelling the good ole Allah U Akbar.

Also, side by side:

23 07 2016

They seem to be more angry that he lured teenagers to the McDs by cracking into someone’s FB and making a fake post about a fake free food offer than they are that he’s a mass murdering Muslim.

23 07 2016

There’s a chance this may not be Jihadism as such, it may be more beta male rage nutbar, because I saw a story where the 18-year old Iranian was obsessed with previous mass shooting nutbars. That’s why I’m not interested in his precise identity, just in case my hunch is right.

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