Bell Curve Country

24 07 2016

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Off top, let me note the irony of a black professor calling for a black American ethnostate while teaching at an institution that is not an HBCU.

Leaving that aside, he’s trying to make the case for the ease of establishing the ethnostate:

Some black radicals are calling for the creation of a racially segregated black nation in five American states after the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling — both black men — at the hands of U.S. police officers.

Wait until they’re ensconced in their ethnostate, and have to deal with black cops, or what will pass for law enforcement, which will, over time, degrade into mere muscular enforcement of the will of the warlords or big chiefs.

“There are large sections of the United States that have nothing but black people in them already,” Davenport told Atlanta Black Star. “There are cults and militias as well as private corporations that do whatever they want behind their closed doors.”

The taxpayer-funded professor claimed that “in New York and Chicago” he observed “that organizations like the Nation of Islam occupy decent-size areas in American cities.”

The ethnostate can happen, because of the black belt and urban ghettos.  Which means full ethnostate ahead, because Claiborne County, Mississippi and East St. Louis.  I’m already sensing superpower.

“Cults, militias and corporations” can do whatever they want behind closed doors?  That’s new to me.

The Republic of New Africa could alternatively concentrate in pockets of America where the U.S. government “can no longer maintain control,” Davenport suggested.

“Can no longer maintain control” means “white people have lost their willpower and desire.”

Davenport advised black people seeking to foment revolution to “move slow” and “not reveal the plan until it is too late.”

Don’t “reveal the plan until it’s too late” reads like a cult, setting up a Jim Jones Guyana situation where the followers can’t escape once they do realize it’s a cult.

“We have to stop wasting our money on cars, tennis shoes and rims,” Omowale, whose real name is Darrin Reed, said. “We need to be land owners, and this is our way to have a nation within a nation,” Omowale added.  “The same way we migrated out of the South after slavery, we can migrate back to the South. Let us be land owners.”

Your ethnostate is necessarily dependent on black people not wasting their money on instantly gratifying conspicuous consumption.

Pardon me for a moment.

(Walks into another room)


Okay, I’m back.

It should also be noted that the South to North black migration, was wasn’t directly “after slavery” but was mostly between the two World Wars, had nothing to do with owning land or forming an ethnostate or doffing conspicuous consumption, but it was a combination of their agricultural labor becoming obsolete in the South and the demand for industrial employment in the North.  So the migration was proletarian in nature, not nation-building.

“We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states,” Omowale explained to radio host Aaron Klein last week, according to The Huntsville Times. “If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.”

“Taking control of the economies in those states,” coming from a people whose organizational skills typically top out at hole-in-the-wall nightclubs.  “If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out.”  Well, Sambeaux, you got that right.  The broken clock is right twice a day.  There goes the neighborhood.

Davenport, the University of Michigan professor, likes…Billy Joel.

Parody song lyrics idea:  Rewriting “We Didn’t Start the Fire” around black nationalism.




14 responses

24 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

So are these niggers expecting welfare when they have their own little afreaka? Probably. Thinking is not a normal activity in the dindu tribe. I expect they will try to extract as much as they can from the ten or twenty White people too dumb to move out. That should last them from about Noon to Three. After that, the dindu big chief will be on TV about his people starving cause they haven’t had dinner yet, followed by a race riot. After the fires get put out, they’ll go back to their section ape apartments and the whole thing will be erased by the media.

24 07 2016

That’s another angle. They want white people to fund the black only ethnostate but also want the right to leave it and return to “mainstream” America and go back and forth at will; it’s like a point I made in the wrap-up earlier today about the Houston black bank story. They want their own but don’t want us to think of ours as ours so they can seamlessly go back and forth between theirs and the mainstream, for their own personal and tribal benefit. That said, in the minds of these architects, they won’t allow us to think of what’s left of the United States after the Bantuastans have been backed out as ours.

Of course, I’m writing this as if I don’t already know that this isn’t for real, these are just a few loons saying kooky clickbaity things, as they’re crowded and cloistered in a universe that mainly centers around other problacktards and black militants and obsessives. They have to keep on saying and writing more and more outlandish things just to compete with each other and to rise above their own noise level and get noticed.

24 07 2016
Hard Right

We already have a black ethnostate. It’s called Liberia. They should all move there.

24 07 2016

Likewise Sierra Leone was set aside for them after the revolutionary war I believe. Their people don’t want genuine self determination though, they want our magic dirt(there isn’t any magic dirt).

24 07 2016
Hard Right

Yep. Sierra Leone is the British black ethnostate right next door to Liberia. Some of them could move there. I wouldn’t have a problem with the taxpayers paying them to move to either one. $10,000 and a one-way ticket would be a bargain.

24 07 2016

“We need to be land owners, and this is our way to have a nation within a nation”

Private property is the solution? When have negroes ever demonstrated respect for private property? Without whitey around to keep order, they’re going to need big men/warlords to crack the whip. New Africa is going to look a lot like Old Africa, and of course it will all be whitey’s fault.

24 07 2016
Alex the Goon

Psst. Hey nigger, don’t settle for a few states of American swampland — go for a whole Continent. Go take Africa, bro (cough, purell-my-tongue). It’s got diamonds and more gold than you can smuggle in your ass, right there in the dirt. Go git it. You be kangs n sheeit.

24 07 2016
David In TN

As always, entirely irony-oblivious.

24 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

To you or me, this is just fantasy, but dindus are rather fanciful and magical believers in things quite ridiculous to us. Like Farrakhan’s “space wheel”, an exact duplicate of the Space Station in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Its captain is the dead and buried Khalid Muhammed, and there are “Baby planes” loaded with nuclear weapons just waiting to nuke Whitey and make America into New Afreaka. Or the black egypshuns, who built the pyramids and flew them in space, just like Stargate SG-1, except blacker. They was kangs while white people wuz living in caves inventing calculus. They have magical and supernatural powers because of their dark skins donchaknow? That melanin is actually a solar power cell that uses the power of the Sun to power muh dick and gibsmedat.
Trust me these retards are serious, even if they’re deluded and hopelessly ignorant. The troof don’t matter, its their beliefs and the inability to understand objective reality that really matter here.

24 07 2016

I know, the more ridiculous, insane, illogical, non-factual, unreasonable an idea, the more likely it is that it will be taken as common currency and conventional wisdom in Bell Curve City.

24 07 2016
Hard Right

Below are rumors and unconfirmed stories that once circulated throughout the black community to try and explain why various maladies befell their community.

24 07 2016
Hard Right

26 07 2016

“Let us be land owners.”

You think consumerism is a money sponge? Try staying ahead of the regulations land owners face.

Oh wait. They wouldn’t have any of that. Insty-Mog and Absolut Monrovia.

“We’ve ruined where we live! We demand another place to ruin!!”

26 07 2016

Just thought of something: BLM meets BLM, Black Lives Matter meets the Bureau of Land Management.

Grab the popcorn.

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