Concession Speech

24 07 2016

Washington, D.C.

Me, June 8:

Politicians who bank all their hopes on either Hispanics or under-30 voters are essentially giving their concession speeches.

From #DNCLeak:

Relying on either young voters or Hispanic voters is a fool’s errand.  Rolling them together and relying on them is just plain fucking insane.  If Hispanic millennials are such a force, explain why California is run by mostly white or (((white))) boomers and silents, and why the leading candidate to fill an open Senate seat because one of those oldsters finally decided to retire isn’t Hispanic.  Piggybacking off of this news I had in the wrap-up earlier today.

BTW, I’d like to see what they use for evidence that Hispanic millennials > All baby boomers.  And I’d like to see where the DNC is coming up with the logic that there is a good enough chance that they might not get the votes of this demographic now or when they get older; are we to think that today’s Under-35 Hispanics will ever vote Republican, either now or when they get older?  “You get more gibs from us than the other party” is good enough for getting 60% of the Hispanic vote bare rock bottom.




One response

26 07 2016

Should I be laughing as hard as I am? I mean, I’ve read a lot of marketing team (etc.) reports…even written…some…but this is painfully funny.

Sailer’s talking about humor and the DNC–this bit of them combining Shooting, Branding, and Hispanics seems rich with possibility.

I love to roam out yonder
Out where the buffalo wander
Free as an eagle flying
A-roping and a-tying
A-roping and a-tying…

Give me a bridle and saddle
And my old pinto I’ll straddle
Something something something rhyming with addle


Sorry for the gap, but I haven’t heard whatever song that is since my fourth grade class sang it in a district-wide chorale. 1968. It was a SW/Mexicano cowboy song IIRC.

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