Somebody’s Getting Their Universal Background Check Violated

24 07 2016

Sweet song, right?

Except, well, 2:15 to 2:29.

No background check.  So, granddaddy, you are summarily sentenced to five years in Federal prison.

Because common sense gun control.




6 responses

24 07 2016
Hard Right

I’m gonna hafta give you a gold star for this one.

24 07 2016
Hard Right

If it was Grandaddy’s gun, it might not be registered….

24 07 2016

He also gave it to a 13 year old. Another five years in Fed for giving a gun to a minor. And they don’t care that “it’s just an old double barrel 12” — Add a few cosmetic thigamajigs and doohickeys to it, and you’ve got an instant evil assault rifle. And pray, “a gun is like a woman son it’s all how you hold her” — What is the deal with all that misogyny? Gun nut and feel-her-up pervert bordering on domestic violence. How much worse can this song get? I’m glad things are much more social justicey today.

24 07 2016

“Bought it out of a Sears Roebuck catalog.” What kind of a fucked up country allows people to buy guns through mail order? “Backed a burglar down when grandma turned the safety off.” Racism, the burglar was probably some former black king seeking his just due slavery reparations.

“One of the days I’m gonna pass it on to my grandson.” Don’t admit that in public, now the IRS-ATF are going to come after you for inheritance taxes, stamps, this fee, that fee, and lots of paperwork.

24 07 2016
Hard Right

Delivered by the Post Office? How utterly irresponsible!

25 07 2016
Kommunity Aktivistissimo

The stop sign the tat dude shot up was paid for with a Federal community block improvement grant. I will not rest until such bald antisocial crimes against motorists and other folk are eliminated forever from the face of America.

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