Taking the Black Bodies Metaphor Literally

24 07 2016

Gulfport, Mississippi


“The families decide.”  And that’s the key to the vacuousness of their lawsuit.  The families, presumably a big percentage of those are black (remember, the state of Mississippi), decide on the funeral homes.  They can read the news just like anyone else, who lazy and sloppy black mortuaries can be with the remains of the recently departed.  But then I say that, and I realize that these kinds of lawsuits, as vacuous as they are, often don’t work out that way — I can see the Federal courts ordering a forced racial balance body distribution system, where the number and racial composition of remains are balanced out between black and white funeral homes.  The Federal courts have in the past involved itself in far more trivial matters for the purposes of racial balance, so why not this?

“Funeral directors have long served as pillars of black communities in the United States.”  I don’t know if I would brag about that.


When segregation was strong, Hartwell said, the coroner “would call the black funeral homes for the black body, white funeral homes for the white body.” But these days, the coroner “calls the white funeral homes for everybody, almost exclusively,” he added. “That’s just wrong.”

Hide this paragraph from Ta.  Then again, hide this whole article from Ta; he might get off on it.




3 responses

24 07 2016

You’d think that niggers would be able to master dead nigger storage.

26 07 2016

Excuse me, but can someone please tell me what a “white” or “black” funeral home is?

Shouldn’t we call Extreme Home Makeover or Pimp My Mortuary on this, rather than whatever opportunistic (((news source))) chased this bell tied to its tail?

26 07 2016

For some reason, the mort biz is the one that can get away with being “segregated” these days.

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