Here Come the Bhutanese Transgendered Vegetarians

25 07 2016

Jefferson City

Boom, out of the blue, a gaggle of statewide Asian-American and Muslim groups are coming out of the woodwork to bitch about the negative buys that both candidates are running in AG-R.

Where the hell did all these goober Asian and Muslim groups around here come from all of a sudden?  It’s not as if there are that many Asians and Muslims in the state to support all these groups.

I make jokes in this space about Bhutanese transgendered vegetarians, as a rhetorical device to make fun of all the one person no there there dork with a fax machine outfits that try to gin up business for themselves by peddling political pseudo-science to claim that the group they supposedly represent exercise the crucial electoral leverage and margins.  But as I’m watching all the Asian and Muslim groups come out of nowhere to register their disappointment with the buys, I’m thinking that, by the time it’s over, we might actually find out that Missouri or some city therein actually has an association of Bhutanese transgendered vegetarians.

Like I said, the state doesn’t have that many Asians or Muslims, but on the other hand, there doesn’t need to be that many.  All you need is one with a fax machine; the P-D and the Star will provide the rest.




3 responses

25 07 2016

Some chinese guy is rallying asian Americans to speak to npr stl about how racist this is. im on the list of possible interviewees

the ads are summaries of the Smithfield buyout right? whatd be a good way to redpill npr’s listeners?

25 07 2016

Hawley is using the Smithfield buyout against Schaefer and his TV buy is using Chinese faces, and Schaefer is using this dubious “he defended Muslim terrorists” contention against Hawley.

25 07 2016


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