Ordinary Dindus

25 07 2016

Fort Myers, Florida

Because Florida and because not long after Orlando, everyone was thinking Religion of Peace.

Alas, no.  Twas just ordinary dindus.

It says that the age range of the victims was 12 to 27, and this was one of those Bell Curve City holes in the wall nightclubs, looks like it’s a converted former fast feeder, my guess from the appearance is that it used to be a Lee’s Fried Chicken (if so, then I’m amazed that a fried chicken joint in the ghetto failed), and the club was holding a teen night, meaning that it was a liquor license establishment that put the booze away, and “the shots rang out” happened just after midnight.  Even with dindus, 12 years old at what is otherwise an adult nightclub after midnight should be way out of bounds.  I’m also wondering why 27-year olds are hanging out with teens and tweens during teen night at a nightclub.

One of the vics was a local high school bouncyball star, and I’m linking to it just so you can read some of those gawd-awful ghetto names.




3 responses

25 07 2016

I’m so glad that Obamacare can cover all the hospital costs for these honor students. And I’m sure all of their parents paid the monthly premium and can cover the deductible. They all seem to be hard-working Americans contributing to a better society for free malt liquor and drugs. What’s a typical emergency room Shitavious Latreen thug shooting cost these days? Maybe $50,000 excluding police, EMT, and courtroom/lawyers? Personally, I think if we taught gun-shooting skills in dindu-nuffin’ grammar schools, we’d have many more taxpayer relief shots that would help these poor minority communities.

25 07 2016

It says the FBI and ATF are involved. Why? Do they think there’s some great complicated convoluted conspiracy of international intrigue that will lead to some heretofore undiscovered foreign terror network cell? We know what this was all about: Shitavious borrowed 25 cents off of Ooktavious to buy a loosie cigarette from some Eric Garner type corner hustler, Ooktavious wanted his quarter back, Shitavious wouldn’t pay up, so Ooktavious shoots Shitavious but misses and hits a bunch of other people killing two of them.

25 07 2016
Waco slim

Club Blu, the shooting site, lost it’s alcohol license in June 2016, due to numerous shootings and high number of police calls. This explains why they were having a “teen bikini-glow party”

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