25 07 2016


Because I am.  Just, speechless.

And also, Guam tipping over, the American flag on Mars.




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25 07 2016

Why is it so important for them to live with us?? All Wallace wanted was a separation, blacks with blacks and whites with whites. What benefits have whites gotten from integration??

25 07 2016
Exiled from Hamtramckistan and Dearbornistan, Michigan, USA

I won’t even bother to watch this. Of course Trump is the worst Republican nominee ever from the Muzzie point of view. Doubtless the Bushes were the best in their eyes.

27 07 2016
Long Shadow | Countenance Blog

[…] Wallace was a Democrat, (though some don’t know that), he never won a major party nomination for President, and he died in 1998. Yet, he casts a really […]

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