A Lame Attempt At Unringing a Bell

26 07 2016


All this Democrat talk about “Putin hacked our e-mails in order to help Trump,” aside from the factual dubiousness of it, and aside from the fact that they’re screaming something to keep people from thinking about the content of those e-mails, (though from what I’ve seen, Bern victims are keeping their eyes on the ball), is also risky PR.  The more they keep saying it, the more they are verbally placing their nominee in a position that is hostile to Putin and Russia.  And I don’t think needless hostility to non-threatening foreign powers is a message that this electorate this year wants to hear.  Especially since on the other side of the ballot is someone who openly wants better relations with Putin and Russia.




One response

29 07 2016

And especially since our most destructive and threatening hostile forces are right here at home.

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