26 07 2016


For months, Mary Pat Carl has been inevitable.

I’m starting to get the feeling that we should take the in out of that inevitable.  I can’t precisely put my finger on it, but I think it’s a combination of that she doesn’t come off quite right, and that it’s a four-way race, two whites and two blacks.  I remember the last time there was a two white two black four way race in the city where one of the white candidates was considered the going away favorite, though not quite inevitable:  The 1993 race for mayor.  Tom Villa, the white favorite, Tony Ribaudo, the other white, Freeman Bosley and Steve Roberts were the two blacks.  Guess who won, and it wasn’t Villa.  Though as we found out later, forces allied with the Bosley campaign had Ribaudo run in order to bleed enough Italian votes away from Villa.

Four years later, when Bosley ran for re-election, an “oreo” sort of black in the person of former SLPD Chief Clarence Harmon beat him.

Now, Harmon’s son is one of the two black candidates in this race for the next Circuit Attorney.  And I think he could be the beneficiary of the same kind of weird quirk election.




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27 07 2016
Hard Right

Do they get free music to go along with it?


The “Operation Polar Cops” truck will be at various events throughout the City of St. Louis to distribute free ice cream treats. The goal of the truck is that community members have positive interactions with officers, according to a press release.

27 07 2016

This will last about as long as an ice cream cone in St. Louis in July. If for no other reason, the regular ice cream vans will bitch a fit that their business is being undercut.

27 07 2016
Hard Right


Odds on how long until the “Operation Polar Cops” initiative is abandoned because black people riot when the cops, merely trying to have positive interactions with the black community, run out of free ice cream?

27 07 2016

I was going to save it for the weekend. But the yoot job and skills training program has the same name as a gorilla that was recently in the news.


27 07 2016

As it is, they debated yesterday:


MPC (Mary Pat Carl, not My Posting Career), said what we all know (both MPCs), and that is that most of her work is salesmanship and peddling trust to black witnesses to black on black homicides.

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