Truly Inevitable

27 07 2016


Mosby dropping all remaining charges; this should not be surprising after the Cesar Goodman acquittal.

Ordinarily, there would be a shit storm raining on her head for her malicious prosecution.  We know she’d lose her law license and somehow be deposed as State’s Attorney.  There would also be a chance at a Federal civil rights prosecution.  But we know why none of that will happen, because black woman, because of the racial nature of the case on which she filed the spurious charges.  She may be light skinned, but at the same time, she’s too black to fail.




5 responses

27 07 2016

Like I said before: stupid affirmative action cunt. I wonder what her salary is — if that BLM jackass makes $165k…

Recall hearing that at least some of the accused cops were planning to sue her for malicious prosecution — hopefully they will and will also win.

Never understood why Zimmerman never did that — but then maybe he took the hint after his lawsuit against NBC was dismissed.

A book by his father: Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George

29 07 2016

Dunno about Mosby, but her husband got something like $800 million out of Baltimore’s “bailout” funds for his district. At that level, who the hell needs a salary?

27 07 2016
28 07 2016

That protective coating. It is impenetrable.

31 07 2016

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