Where in the World Is the Ironic Trolling?

27 07 2016


The people that write for, edit and manage the mainstream media are, as a group, obsessed with irony, both as concept and as rhetoric.  The people who make a living writing and crafting words know all the ways to play games with words.  Yet, we’re supposed to believe that none of them got the ironic trolling in Trump’s presser and especially the part about the Russian government purloining HRC’s e-mails.

We know they know, it’s just that they’re being deceitful.




5 responses

27 07 2016
john jones

Exactly this. Great observation …

27 07 2016

27 07 2016

Trump channeled his inner Pepe.

29 07 2016
Star Noodle Soup in Moscow | Countenance Blog

[…] I wrote here two days ago that the media pretending that it didn’t know that Trump’s Russia/Putin/Hillary’s e-mails comments was ironic trolling was bullshit. […]

29 07 2016

Agree overall…but I’ve also witnessed this thing in the left’s media morlocks where they can divide their minds into boxes and only dip into the ones they feel like for reasons that suit a moment or situation.

Seems to me it’s related to that “situational ethics” thing that was so popular in public school curricula of the ’60s and ’70s.

Besides which, wouldn’t the Geniuses of Postmodernism claim that your reading of a text is YOURS, and has nothing to do with the text’s actual context. Thus any reading is empowering in its specificity and locality and intersectionalist and such, and therefore Trump sucks and everything he says means exactly what I assert it to say, no supporting evidence necessary.

In other words, the reigning and ascendant fundamentalist religion. I said it, I believe it, that settles it.

The irony here is baklava-like. The deceit is probably the pistachios. The phyllo and honey are sheer Wille zur Macht.

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