Altruism From Me But Not From Thee

28 07 2016


I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote in AR this morning:

I’m just amazed that the left and SJWs are constantly working to undermine a system and institutions and social mores that they necessarily depend on to exist. Or, what they are relying on is for everyone else to maintain that system, those institutions and those social mores while they create and we approve of carve outs for the left and SJWs.

Here’s an example: Baraq Obama’s new rough trade boyfriend, that being Deray McKesson. He has done his fair share of peddling contempt and disrespect toward the Baltimore Police Department. Yet, that is the very institution that has the responsibility to collect the taxes from uncooperative people that are used to fund the Baltimore City Public Schools, which just hired Deray McKesson into a $165k/year sinecure.

Needless to say, I already reconciled the contradiction.  Deray, Ta and Co. will do everything they can to exempt black bodies from the interest of the Baltimore Police Department, but they all know that just about every property owner in Baltimore will pay their real estate personal or commercial property taxes with no BPD intervention necessary.  That’s because just about everyone out of a sense of social altruism recognizes the social necessity and good of paying personal property taxes and all the other kinds of taxes.  We are, still, and in spite of our many (un-)wanted guests and the continued presence of our obsolete farm equipment, basically a northwestern European society, after all.  The day that stops being the case fundamentally, all those leftists and SJWs and BLM are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucked.  On some subconscious level, they’re praying that we never start behaving like they do.




5 responses

28 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

This time its different. White genocide has gone Viral. All those open celebrations of impending White Minority Status and uppity niggers keeping it real (bad), White people are realizing this fairness and sharing with inferior races shit is a SCAM. Its not altruism to sacrifice your kids and future so some dumb ape who never invented the wheel can turn your country into an open air landfill of garbage and disease. White people are learning to take their own side. All that charity shit is only possible in good times of plenty without need. Its a luxury like cable TV. A luxury Whites can no longer afford, and are learning is just BAD FOR THEM AND THEIR KIDS. Bye, bye to the parasites. Talk to the Hand. We owe you NOTHING. GET OUT.

28 07 2016
Stan d Mute

Perhaps on that subconscious level they’re all driven by self hatred based on their own perception of failure and/or inferiority to the Founding population. This seems to me the only explanation that fits in the he case of Jews especially. When the Anglo Saxons become a minority, the Jews are finished. After the brown mob eats the Jews, they’ll quickly bury the queers and pathetic SJW types. They’ll have no interest in keeping a non productive group of whites. The only group with any hope for survival is the productive Anglo Saxon who will be milked as long as possible.

Just as children secretly crave discipline and order, perhaps this is what the SJWs and lefty activist Jews desperately seek? They never had a fathers strong discipline and so they act out in hope that society will give them the attention and discipline they never received as a child.

29 07 2016

My read precisely.

“White privilege” is code for “I’m jealous of your effortless [they think] ability to work together, accomplish big things, etc.”

And the hatred of LE is exactly what you say: a yearning not for some storybook father-in-the-sky, or mammy’s hookup du semaine, but the genuine, lived, intimate male presence that many of us had. The sense of limits, boundaries, and consequences.

However I understand that E-Z divorce, second wave feminism, hatred of maleness, and consumer infantilization of males has robbed many a white boy and girl of fatherly presence as well. That came as a shock to me in my 20s and 30s–how many women especially had zero to rotten relationships with fathers.

29 07 2016
Stan d Mute

Back when I was still single and dating, I saw a profound difference between females who had good fathers and those who didn’t. Those who didn’t invariably were lefty victim types blaming anything and anyone but themselves for failures. Those who had fathers often enough also represented leftism as a relic of their college education, but it was very easy to deprogram that dogma using basic reason and evidence.

18 08 2016

I figured something else out.

Another way to solve this paradox is that Deray and Co don’t actually hate the BPD. Can’t remember where, but I read the words “career hustle” attached to BLM, in that non-typical blacks are on a career hustle and are using BLM for that. To put it another way, they’re trying to leverage both the black undertow’s frustration that cops often have to enforce the law on black bodies on one side and white pathological altruism on the other side into benefits for themselves. Jobs, careers, sinecures, elected offices, payouts, grants. In the case of Deray, it has been a resounding success, as you can read. He is both now a national public figure and holds a six figure salary job.

That said, today’s BLM isn’t any different in that regard from the civil rights movement of two generations ago. That also turned out to be career hustle for the blacks involved in it. John Lewis, Bill Clay, among many many many others, rode the backs of the CRM into lifelong careers and elected offices. And, if you don’t want to go back two generations, there is far more modern and contemporary example of an exotic type black who carefully leveraged and nuanced a combination of proletarian black angst and anger on one side and white pathological altruism on the other side into the ultimate career for himself, in his case, all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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