Dindu Day

28 07 2016

Around the Metro

Just today.

Lots and lots of dindus.


Carjacking and police chase that went through ESL


Dey wanted deyselffs some CAAAAAAAAAAHS


This ESL resident hit Brentwood and Rock Hill; thankfully, they nabbed him before he could hit Richmond Heights.


It’s happening everywhere.”  She’s right, everywhere where there are dindus.


Speeding in a stolen car, crashed into a house.


Really cute, La’Qwon.  Your prison cell will be the new square beyond compare.  (You’ve got to be a St. Louisan to get it)


ESL pimp already in prison is going to be there for a little while longer.


Another one tried to rub out a witness.  His g/f is named Barbrial.  Like I’ve been saying, the death penalty needs to exist for the murder of witnesses.


He was already in the can, and the cops found a gun with two more bodies on it.


It’s complicated. AKA love and relationships in Bell Curve City are risky business.






4 responses

29 07 2016

Every time I see stuff like this I think of this story

More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery

29 07 2016

“Lots and lots of dindus.”

A murder of dindus.

A confusion of dindus.

A nuffin’ of dindus.

A drove of dindus.

An unkindness of dindus (sorry, ravens).

A loot of dindus.

A fawty of dindus.

A reparation of dindus.

A crip of dindus.

A drank of dindus.

An eyebleach of dindus.

29 07 2016

Up to our asses in dindus

29 07 2016

I think it’s deeper than that, Count.

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