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28 07 2016


Why do I get the feeling that there’s an ulterior agenda afoot in Gateway Region’s decision to move the Downtown Y from 16th and Locust to 6th and Locust?

Oh yeah, my whitey sense is tingling.  Though it may also be a WRPT, that it being at 16th and Locust makes it easier for Y patrons to become accidental beneficiaries of Ujamaa, while moving it ten blocks east will deprive them of that good fortune.  Or there may be something at play here other than race.

What is making me think that there’s an ulterior agenda afoot is that the PR coming out of Gateway Region announcing this decision is suspiciously glitzy, yet the footprint of the relocated Downtown Y will be smaller, even though the PR is bragging about all the new amenities.




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28 07 2016

I love how at the bottom of the story was a mention that the new facilities won’t include a pool or raquetball courts. Basically, look at our new facilities which is just like any other run of the mill health club.
I think somebody on the Y board is friends with the developer, and they need tenants.

Off topic-
Is this email/Russian thing just Trump saying what is on his mind, or was this some Machiavellian/Diabolical shit by Trump to high jack coverage away from the Democratic convention?

28 07 2016

The answer is yes.

28 07 2016

Gateway Regional owns the underlying land and three of the ten floors of the 16th and Locust building, yet it’s going to move to leased space (albeit less space) 10 blocks east, officially, because of declining membership. That doesn’t add up.

Something makes it add up, either my theory about black crime, or something else.

23 09 2016
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