Nothing’s The Matter With Kansas Anymore

29 07 2016


Pelosi makes a warmed over What’s The Matter With Kansas argument.

Meanwhile, and ironically, the author of What’s The Matter With Kansas has this to say.

The times, they are a’changin, Nancy.  Remember, current year.

H/T Instapundit and OD.




7 responses

29 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Like all the fools from Caleefornya, Nancy uses insults to try to guilt people into doing what she wants. Her childish babble about White men voting against their best interests by supporting Trump instead of that haggard old Witch Hillary is the kind of lunacy you’d expect from the Lunatic Fringe that is the Left. Remember when she passed Obama care and said that if people lost their jobs it wouldn’t matter because with this insurance they could now stay home and write poetry? These fuckers aren’t just STUPID, they’re COMPLETELY INSANE. No one in their right mind would even say that out loud. These clowns need to be removed, not just from power, but from our society.

29 07 2016

“I can’t even on his comments on mexicans, but hes going to win” – I’ll point out again that Trump did the best in areas with lots of mexicans due to everyone else voting against them. Either Trump wins and fewer such communities persist, or he loses and more of them get created.

29 07 2016

No one personifies the disgusting mediocrity (at best) of America’s political class better than Pelosi. She is a walking talking billboard for term limits.

29 07 2016

Commenter on the Thomas Frank piece effuses:

“So, instead of fixating on free trade, the left should be concentrating on building the social safety net and training programs we’ll need in the future. Global trade lowers prices and encourages peace. Yes, it also boosts profits, but we can tax those. Why not try to extract all the benefits we can?”

IOW, “We’ll haggle after the deal is made.”

29 07 2016

they have been selling that for how long? and still expect anyone at all to buy it?

29 07 2016

Hillary is the candidate of Wall Street and the war lobby. This stuff is so obvious even the dogs in the street know it, but it’s easy to find dozens of articles on left and libertarian sites confirming it.

29 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I guess the media is just having a hard time portraying an elitist like Hillary as an average person. I guess they just can’t talk her into doing those meet and greets with regular folks. Her constant fundraisers with Rich Hollywood Stars at their homes and having guys like Bloomberg supporting her are really killing that down home Grandma image they’re trying for here. Someone should tell her to ditch those designer pants suits and wear something that costs less than a Volvo once in awhile.

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