Star Noodle Soup in Moscow

29 07 2016

Washington, D.C.

I wrote here two days ago that the media pretending that it didn’t know that Trump’s Russia/Putin/Hillary’s e-mails comments was ironic trolling was bullshit.

Now I think I’ve figured out their agenda in conflating Trump with Russia/Putin.

Remember the six sided star non-troversy?  I think the reason the media peddled that non-story was because that Democrat partisans in the media (though I repeat myself), Jewish and otherwise, are trying to dog whistle to Jews that Trump is a Nazi and implicitly asking them to go balls to the wall on ridicule of, hatred towards, and elimination against, Trump, in the national news media.  The main reason why they haven’t already is because of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is his hook to some semblance of buy-in from New York media Jews, and gives him enough currency among them to keep them somewhat honest.  (It’s also why the New York Observer has gotten a lot more reasonable all of a sudden — Come to think of it, when was the last time we saw a by-line from that creep Joe Conason in the Observer?)  Secondarily, it’s also a subtle demand that any Jews who are thinking about writing checks to the Trump campaign should put the checkbook away, though because it’s Trump, that’s not a potent weapon as it would be if Trump wasn’t worth $10 billion.

Likewise, the reason the media keep screaming Trump and Russia/Putin in the same breath is because Vladimir Putin is not exactly the most popular figure among Jews these days.




6 responses

29 07 2016

They think everyone is on board with NATO’s current mission of spreading gay marriage to Russia, That is not the case. My own thoughts are that a NATO that prevented catholic priests from being slaughtered would be more preferable to everyone involved.

29 07 2016

Now I think I’ve figured out their agenda

Most of them are too stupid to have an agenda.

29 07 2016
Hard Right

I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. How long before some “whistleblower” steps forward and claims that Trump bought information from the Russkies?

29 07 2016
Hard Right

If Putin’s government has already used a cyberattack to attempt to help Trump win, there’s no reason to believe he won’t do it again — especially now that Trump is inviting the “help.”

29 07 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Isn’t it amazing that Silicon Valley’s Billionaires are all in for Hillary but her servers are constantly being hacked? What’s she using Windows 8? I haven’t seen this much hacking ever. I know she’s old, but her system must be seriously outdated for all these hackers to keep breaking in.

29 07 2016
Hard Right

More like seriously stupid. Two of the nodes on my network run 98. She should probably hire some White Males to run hers.

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