Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

29 07 2016

Brenham, Texas

KHOU-CBS-11 Houston:

McDonald’s worker fired for refusing service to Brenham police officer


Goodman says the female worker’s son was already in custody and facing serious charges. He believes that may be part of the fuel that sparked her negative feelings towards police.

I bet most of these other “cop refused service” stories we’re reading and seeing lately are the same way: Ghetto or near-ghetto black women circa mid-30s with curly-q weave are mad that the cops had the temerity to arrest their 18-year old dindu sons.




2 responses

29 07 2016

them there Weaves cost up to $1000 but worth it to have actual Human hair that’ya can flip around as you sashay thru McDonald’s ‘n elsewhere. Moochelle Abomo looked like she had her a weave going (tax-payer funded of course) when she spoke at DNC… hey if you’re almost but not quite Human at least’ya can be wearing Human Hair on top

29 07 2016

It’s what the headhunters have evolved into.

And may be an improvement, oddly enough.

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