Look Who Believes In Voter Fraud

31 07 2016


The very people telling us that it doesn’t exist.

To wit:  At the time of this writing, on the “Recommended List” of other stories on the right side, there’s a link to the story that kvetches about the evil of requiring photo ID to vote.

In the minds of the Kossacks, voter fraud exists when an establishment Democrat closely defeats a populist sorta-Democrat, but it does not exist when an establishment Democrat closely defeats any Republican.  Gotcha.

Though in reality, this particular case that HRC beat Bern because of voter fraud is weak.  She won because of black voters casting legitimate ballots.

Then again, we neoreactionaries have the ideal solution to voter fraud.  Except nobody’s interested in our solutions.




One response

31 07 2016

that article was nothing more than a load of “bernie might have won IF”, pretty sad, and unfortunately they missed the only if that would have mattered: if he had fought.

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