Brown Skin in the Game

1 08 2016


The media love Constitution-thumpers all of a sudden, because it contains the Zeroth Amendment.

Anyway, our dude Khan has interests in these politics that have far less to do with a mythical Constitutional precept as they do business.




3 responses

1 08 2016

The left is so shabby, all these people can do it protest outside of a show store, fucking lol.

1 08 2016

Irony is in abundance today on Countenance and in the media! I don’t know who is a worse spokesman for the Democrats, a Muslim Brotherhood Pakistani lawyer who defended OPEC in Saudi Arabia (Mr. Khan, Esq., LLM – University of Missouri) or the world’s best known Wall Street insider trader, Warren Buffet, who is speaking at a Hillary rally today. Well, at least Obama still has his ghetto street cred with BLM after another charlatan speech to vets today.

1 08 2016

Oh gawd he has links to Mizzou?

Tim Kaine, too.

The world is trolling me.

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