Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

1 08 2016


If the 700 block of North Robert A. Stalls Street is in the northeast section of town, then WRPT, I concluded after having read it.

It is.

Northeast Carbondale, anywhere east of Route 51 (Illinois Avenue) and north of Route 13 (Main Street), is Bell Curve City.

Another hint is that this happened very close to a city park named Attucks.  As in Crispus Attucks.

Even though I don’t know this for sure, Robert Stalls was probably some prominent black preacher.




One response

2 08 2016
Area Man

The pics I saw looked like the projects. When I googled the address one of the pages that came was the Jackson County Housing Authority.

Years ago when I lived there I needed to go to a lumber yard that was in the bad part of town. I had a girl from Puerto Rico with with me. She couldn’t believe there were places like that in America.

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