One Fast Fact Missing

3 08 2016

Alexandria, Virginia

“Five fast facts you need to know.”  Except for the most obvious one.

They’re concerned about American domestic cops being “radicalized.”  But don’t expect anyone to do anything about it, because affirmative action, minority recruitment, social justice, disparate impact.

In this article about the “first cop” matter, we find out that:

On Jan. 24, 2011, an undercover officer said Young told the officer he once aimed an AK-47-style rifle out of a window at his residence, scanning for law enforcement he believed was watching him. On another occasion, he grew angry that the FBI talked to his family and co-workers and said he wanted to find the FBI agent and kidnap and torture her.

He was a cop, even if it was just a public transit cop, yet he was so paranoid (or, maybe not so paranoid) about the cops watching him.  Usually, cops don’t fear other cops.

How do I know he’s black?  English name, and DC Transit Police.  The public transit system in D.C. only hires black people if they happen to be native born citizens.





One response

3 08 2016
Alex the Goon

He was cop, but his [shit]skin was his true uniform.

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