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4 08 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

Pam Gellar has two update articles about the Twin Falls refugee quasi-rape.

Why do I get the feeling that Chobani recently bought a lot of advertising on Slate and in the Times-News?

And, repeating for those needing, I have some suggestions about how to exact our revenge.  Speaking of which, my next target is Schnucks, though it’s going to be a lot harder to get them to buckle than it is a mom and pop corner grocer.  I’m still thinking about how to approach it.




One response

5 08 2016

One guesses that the “scary fairy-tales” that the NewsCuck refers to is the fairy-tale that a white girl can be raped.

That is, you know, the orthodoxy of the campus left that redefines rape as reparations and white women as fair game for any melanist with a sexual emergency.

Looking at his eminently punchable visage, I’d say he’s prolly steeped in that smugness himself. The Breitbart writer asks how he’d feel if it happened to his women, blah blah blah. I’m guessing he’d react like Davey Blackburn. Or Amy Biehl’s parents.

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