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4 08 2016

Bellefontaine Neighbors

Follow up on the 13-year old weave store shooter.

It’s both further justification and an offshoot of what I wrote here two years ago.



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4 08 2016

them there danged Weeve’s can cost up to $1000 bux & only last a couple of months. Since african females kin’t “flip” their haar around like non-african females, they should get free Weeve vouchers from their Federal Gov’t. T’aint fair to have to pay for actual human hair to be woven into your head. Wonder how much Moochelle Abomo spends each month on Weeve’s (not even counting how much her girl chillunz weeve’s cost the tax-payer)

4 08 2016

they should get free Weeve vouchers

Some think they already do, in a way.

5 08 2016

Latter-day headhunters.

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