Spelling Error

4 08 2016

St. Paul, Minnesota

You spelled “because” wrong.  It is not spelled d-e-s-p-i-t-e.

First off, the black-white achievement gap in Minnesota was already just about the widest in the country, Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin are perpetually one-two in that category.  That’s because those states juxtapose Scandinavian and Germanic white people with the descendants of black grifters who only moved to those states because of their generous welfare benefits.  It’s the same reason why MN/WI black-white crime gaps and justice system gaps are also the worst.  Even though I know I really shouldn’t be using “worst,” because black-white gaps aren’t as much of a problem as they are a natural fact of life.

Second, this:

The results come despite efforts by state and local education officials to incorporate a “restorative justice” approach to school discipline promoted by the Obama administration as a means of reducing the disproportionate number of black students suspended from school. The race-based approach to school discipline, which is rooted in the belief that school rules were designed to benefit those with “white privilege,” is purportedly designed to keep more minority students in the classroom and help close the achievement gap with their white peers.

Come on now.  Who really believed that keeping wild dindus in school would mean that they would all of a sudden do better on standardized tests?  Other than a small handful of true believer leftist crackpot ideological cultists and much of BLM, nobody thought that, and that wasn’t the true motivation for cutting back on suspending black students.  The real reason for that is very practical, taboo and twofold:  One, if they’re in school, the districts get per capita per diem funding, if they’re suspended, they don’t.  Two, if they’re in school, they’re not out running the streets and pestering the general public.  The anti-suspension and associated rhetoric is entirely a function of districts wanting the money stream and of people wanting the schools to be the dindu holding pens.




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4 08 2016

This article is the shot. Here’s a chaser:


This blatant contradiction over suspensions perpetually fascinates me.

4 08 2016

“Even though I know I really shouldn’t be using “worst,” because black-white gaps aren’t as much of a problem as they are a natural fact of life.” – Language does matter, can’t really think of a non-trolly way to flip the script on this one though.

5 08 2016

Because of what education did for me, I spent a large portion of my career advocating for it.

No more. And I left it as I saw unfolding exactly what you describe in your first paragraph. Not so much because of the grifters…but because of their enablers.

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